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To export and import medicinal plants and herbs to all over the world
Egy Herbs Medical Company is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and has been working in the field of producing and exporting medicinal and aromatic herbs since 2000
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We believe that healthy body start from healthy food thats why our spices certified with best quality
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From the nature to you directly We’re not a fan of dull spices, so we’re guessing you aren’t either.
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With 400+ spices, blends, herbs, chiles, salts, confections, fruit and vegetable powders and modernist ingredients.
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Our chefs handpick all of our raw ingredients, grind in small batches and ship direct to you.
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Whether you’re a professional chef, weekend grill warrior or amateur home cook, we’re here to help with safest Herbs.
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Anis seeds

Aniseed Botanical Name: Pimoinella anisum Available Forms: Seeds Packing: Cardboard Weight: 25 KG, 50 KG Season: All Year

Basil leaves

basil Ocimum Basilicum: Scientific name Product: basil basil – basil TBC Packing: Cardboard Package weight: 10 kg – 20 kg – 25 kg Season: all year

Beans white

Beans white: Scientific name Goods: Seeds Packing: Cardboard Package weight: 25 CLO – 50 CLO Season: all year


Calendula petals

Calendula petals: scientific name Product: Calendula petals – parsley TBC Packing: Cardboard Package weight: 10 kg – 20 kg – 25 kg Season: all year

caraway seeds